My name is Jordan. I am a 23 year old high school orchestra teacher in South West Florida . I play viola and piano. I was brought up a lady. I'm still looking for my prince charming while trying to find my place in the world. ∆O and ΓΦΒ alumnae! I love Lord of the Rings, Super Heros and reading in general. I was brought up a patriotic southern belle but I'm not afraid to word hard and get my hands dirty!

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Haha! Meow… i miss you and my other lakeland friends, we need to play the pokemon board game Corey and I made.

haha i miss my lakeland friends too! but i’ll be back up there after my birthday for strings camp. and yes we do! i’ll be able to legally play which is a big deal! haha… there is also a game of thrones one i’ve been meaning to play :)